Lafayette Books by Bruce E. Mowday Now Available at The Lafayette Shoppe!

Lafayette Books by Bruce E. Mowday Now Available at The Lafayette Shoppe!

Bruce E. is an author who has written several books about Lafayette.  Last month, The Lafayette Shoppe partnered with Mr. Mowday to bring you more Lafayette books.  We now have 4 titles by Bruce E. Mowday in addition to our other books offerings.

Among the books Bruce E. Mowday has written are Emotional Brandywine, a book that creatively combines watercolor paintings by Karl J. Keurner with essays he wrote to accompany the paintings made about the battle at Brandywine.  

Another book, Lafayette, America's Young Hero, is intended for young audiences.  

As America celebrates the 200th anniversary of the return of the Marquis de Lafayette to America in 2024-2025, these books are the perfect gift for any young person or adult who loves learning or who loves history.  

The story of Lafayette is always timely!  It is a story that teaches us as much about our country and who we are as it does to teach us about Lafayette!  

Pick up a copy today and learn more about how Lafayette helped America win its independence.  

Bruce E. Mowday has written more than 25 books on a variety of subjects.  He is extensively involved in numerous historical societies and is helping to coordinate celebrations in Chester county PA for the 200th anniversary of Lafayette and the 250th anniversary of American independence.  

To see Bruce E. Mowday's books and the rest of our book offerings, click here.

-By Lisa Ingegneri, Owner of The Lafayette Shoppe

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