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We founded The Lafayette Shoppe, LLC to bring a high-quality bust of the Marquis de Lafayette to market.  

We are proud to offer you a hand-sculpted reproduction bust of Houdon’s Lafayette as our cornerstone piece.  

We became interested in the Lafayette souvenirs created in 1824 and 1825 to celebrate Lafayette’s return to America and developed a second product line to include reproduction scarves, plates and gloves like the ones from the 19th century.  We dedicate ourselves to keep an eye on historical accuracy based on our research even though we are sometimes limited by our modern production techniques.  

  • scarf
  • Gloves

Our other products - home, souvenirs and fan gear – were created with an eye on the modern.  These products are designed to help you celebrate Lafayette and your fandom for Lafayette in your daily life and throughout your home.  Check out the full range of great products on our store pages.  You will find something for yourself and the Lafayette fans you know.  

We operate in Williamsburg, Virginia where we are immersed in the history of the American Revolution, the stories of the people who influenced the 18th century, and the ideas of the Enlightenment that drove the values the nation was founded upon.  Our hope is to bring these three – the history, the people, and the Enlightenment ideals – to life through our Lafayette products.  

Thank you for visiting The Lafayette Shoppe!  Enjoy your shopping experience!  Shop.

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If you are interested in knowing more about the Marquis de Lafayette, read our "About Lafayette” page.  

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