Our Story

lafayette shoppe owner holding a bust of the Marquis de Lafayette smiling

After years of searching for a bust of Lafayette, my son suggested that we make one ourselves.  

We had already searched the internet, shopped in National Park gift shops and travelled to France at the Louvre, Château Chavaniac and the Picpus Cemetery.  We were unable to purchase a bust of Lafayette, so the decision was made:  The Lafayette Shoppe, LLC was formed. 

The process of producing a bust of the Marquis de Lafayette began.  

Along the way, we discovered other Lafayette-themed goods and souvenirs that had been created in 1824 and 1825 during Lafayette’s return Farewell Tour of America.  We were hooked and set out to create modern versions of these products too!  Reproductions of gloves, scarves and plates appear in our collection as well.  

Several years, a job change, a pandemic happened.  And many hours of reading, research, design and creation later, we are proud to offer a high-quality reproduction bust of Lafayette along with a wide array of Lafayette-themed products for your home, car, workspace, or life.  

Today, our love of Lafayette goes on and on.  

Our hope is that you become as inspired by the life of Lafayette as we are.  We hope that you see through the life of Lafayette a vision - a vision that democratic ideals hold a promise for humanity.  

Vive Lafayette! 

To learn more about The Lafayette Shoppe, visit our About Us page. 

To learn more about Lafayette and his life, visit the “About Lafayette” page on our website or do some research on your own.  We hope your journey will lead you back to The Lafayette Shoppe time and time again.