Welcome Lafayette The Marquis de Lafayette Scarf

Welcome Lafayette Scarf: An 1824 design remade for 2024


The Lafayette Shoppe has remade this beautiful Welcome Lafayette scarf fashioned after the original made in 1824 for Lafayette's return to America.  

Here, at The Lafayette Shoppe, we pride ourselves on making the most accurate reproductions possible - always with an eye on history, always with an eye on quality.  Read more about this reproduction Welcome Lafayette scarf below.  To order yours, click here

The History: In 1824 and 1825, when the Marquis de Lafayette returned to America, he was widely celebrated everywhere he went.  He toured all 24 states that made up the United States of America at the time.  When he entered cities and small towns, the population came out to see him in crowds, shouting "Welcome, Lafayette!"  He became known as "The Nation's Guest" and US went wild with making everything with Lafayette's image printed on it.  

There were gloves, mugs, plates, coins and more made as commemorative items or souvenirs to mark the occasion of his return.  

One such item was this beautiful "Welcome Lafayette" scarf (made in 1824), an example of which resides in the New York Historical Society Museum.  Here is an image of the original taken from their collection:  

The design contains many symbols that refer to the Revolution or to the US.  Each element of the scarf has been painstakingly reproduced to accurately reflect the symbolism and artistry of the original design. 

Here are some of the symbols you will recognize:  

-The American Flag

-The Eagle

-Nike or "Victory" depicted as a woman blowing her trumpet sounding victory.

-13 arrows in the eagle's talons

-Canons, rifles, canon balls

-Welcome Lafayette emblem surrounded by laurels

-Laurel leaves

-The Phrygian cap used as a symbol of freedom

Here is a close-up for you to see the details!  

When Lafayette would roll into town, people would show their Lafayette enthusiasm by wearing items with "Welcome Lafayette" printed on them, or wearing items with his image printed on them.  This scarf has such a timeless design, we had to reproduce it so that we can enjoy wearing it today just like they did in 1824.    

With this reproduction, you can take a piece of history with you.

The scarf is printed on a fabric called "New Silk".  The Lafayette Shoppe is proud to offer this beautiful reproduction for sale.  This is a beautiful way to celebrate Lafayette in 2024-2025.  

If you would like one of your own, click the link here.  

Check out the rest of our Lafayette collection here.  

Visit us at www.lafayetteshoppe.com for more Lafayette souvenirs and merchandise.  

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Think like a Fayettist, live like a Fayettist! 

Vive Lafayette!

By:  Lisa Ingegneri - Owner of The Lafayette Shoppe


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